Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator


In this modern day and age, ensuring that your plethora of gadgets which you tote around are juiced before you embark on a journey outside is essential, as most folks would feel somewhat “naked” or “incomplete” without their device of choice in hand that has been armed with a full battery charge. Well, you might want to consider bringing around a portable power generator just in case Murphy happens to drop by, and you need to make that all important phone call in order to clinch a multi-million dollar deal. Enter the $59.99 Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator that will help save the day, while providing you the recommended daily amount of exercise that geeks require.

The Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator is somewhat equivalent to having magic hands, where it generates 10 watts of power at 120V DC, and will feature a solitary two-prong standard U.S. outlet. Needless to say, hamsters running in wheels are not going to power this, but you will just need to roll up your sleeves and power this thing yourself. Made in good ol’ USA, this is an excuse to play the patriotism card when justifying another gadget purchase to the missus.

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Gates Says: February 2, 2013 at 10:36 am

What would you do with 110V DC current? You should have said 110V AC current

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