Corkcicle Color for a decent wine drinking experience


They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but perhaps you might change your mind when you take a look at the £19.99 Corkcicle Color which will come in blue, green, orange and pink shades. After all, anytime is always a good time for some wine, and when you pair it up with the right kind of fine dining food, it becomes exquisite. Thing is, when you live in an area that is enveloped in a warm climate, the big challenge when it comes to drinking wine is in keeping the wine chilled.

Perhaps it is time to forget about drippy ice-buckets, as the Corkcicle Color will be able to slot comfortably right into the top of your bottle, ensuring that your wine remains chilled from within while keeping out any of them nasty insects who decide to make your bottle of wine their temporary home. The Corkcicle Color is made from a thermal gel which has been completely sealed from within the elegant icicle shape, ensuring that it will be able to retain its temperature for a longer period than ice, and far more important, ensuring that your favorite wine does not end up diluted after a while.

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