Rand McNally announces Foris 850 GPS handheld device

Who created the first GPS navigation system in the world? I suppose some might say that in the fairy tale universe, it would be Hansel and Gretel, as they dropped breadcrumbs in order to leave a trail behind. Well, the modern day GPS systems are a whole lot more accurate for sure, and one player in the market would be Rand McNally who has decided to introduced their latest GPS handheld device known as the Foris 850.

Targeting the rather niche outdoor marketplace, Rand McNally’s latest Foris 850 was specially built for hiking, biking, geocaching, and all other kinds of outdoor activities. In fact, Rand McNally claims that the Foris 850 is more than “trail ready” as it boasts millions of miles of high-quality street and trail maps, in addition to a sturdy bike mount, alongside an easy-to-use interface with on-device help thrown into the mix. It is said that the Foris 850 will retail for $399 a pop.

When Rand McNally delivers the Foris 850 to the market, they actually worked closely with Falk Outdoor Navigation, which is a business unit of United Navigation Limited. According to Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally, “We have aggregated and created the best outdoor content, and engineered the device with features needed for a variety of outdoor activities. We are very excited to be working with Falk Outdoor, which is one of the leading players in outdoor navigation in Europe, to develop a product for the U.S. market. Leveraging their hardware and our content, we’ve been able to create a leading-edge handheld at a price typically reserved for more entry-level devices.”

The Foris 850 will ship with contour maps and carries over 5 million miles of U.S. roadways and trails right out of the box, while delivering a far better out-of-the-box experience compared to competitive devices which require additional purchases and downloads. It will also integrate routing and turn-by-turn voice guidance on trails in addition to roads, as well as creating navigable routes from “breadcrumb” trails which one can create using the TrackNav feature. So, any takers?

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