Super Spark Dog cheers you up

So you are feeling rather low because the beau in your life just walked out on you, the bills are certainly piling up, and you are still looking for a job despite graduating magna cum laude from a prestigious university? Throughout it all, only one constant remained in your life, your faithful pooch, but even then, life threw you a curveball as Fido got hit by a car just before Christmas, and you are left in a rut. What now? Perhaps it is time to get another faithful four-legged friend to keep you company, one that is basically immortal – in the form of the $29.98 Super Spark Dog.

Super Spark Dog will definitely be able to deliver some much needed cheer into your life, as he cracks jokes, sing songs, answer some questions and have this basic ability to make you (and those around you) laugh. This is one interactive pet that responds in context, having a store of more than 30 different answers to respond to over 10 questions. Its head, mouth, and tail will also be able to move realistically. He needs no dog food or trips to the vet, but rather, will be powered by a trio of AA batteries.