Snappgrip achieves success in Kickstarter campaign

Back in the olden days, if you had a good idea brewing in your head, you needed to gather enough folks to buy into your idea so that they can throw some money your way (as an investor, of course, not for you to take that dough and swindle it on wine, women and song). Well, the modern day method of raising funds have taken an online persona, and here we are with yet another fruit of the Kickstarter tree – the Snappgrip from cooltopia. Just what the heck is the Snappgrip? Well, Snappgrip has been described to be a snap-on camera controller which will transform your smartphone into point-and-shoot cameras. Wait a minute here, aren’t the latest smartphones well equipped enough to function as a decent entry level point-and-shoot camera? Perhaps there is more than meets the eye to the Snappgrip.

We know that Snappgrip will enter production from late February 2013 onwards, and it allows smartphone users to snap photos using a single hand, not to mention to be able to snap spontaneous pictures without batting an eyelid. All you need to do is attach the controller to the back of a smartphone and you are good to go. It works in the same manner as that of a digital camera, where before long you will be able to enjoy different functions such as zoom mode, shooting mode and focus.

Since the Snappgrip is completely portable, compact and removable, you can more or less say that this is one smartphone accessory that should not escape the attention of your wallet. Expect the Snappgrip to be released next month for $99 a pop, although if you are interested in saving a little bit money on the side so that your lunch can be a wee bit more luxurious, you are able to place a pre-order for the Snappgrip now for approximately $79.