Ematic FunTab Family range unveiled

I know, the dust of CES 2013 has already settled, and most folks are home square and free from the mad house that is known as Las Vegas, but there were tons of other devices that we have yet to cover, so I will try my level best to bring out what I think is still noteworthy to mention. Case in point, the Ematic FunTab Family range that comprises of a series of child-friendly tablets which will be made available in a quartet of different sizes and styles, where all of them share a single mission – to make sure your kids have a unique and safe online experience for education and entertainment purposes, and to be able to enjoy doing so without having them spoil your precious iPad. The Ematic FunTab Family range is the result of the creative minds at Ematic who worked hand in hand with the award-winning Zoodles Kid Mode.

You can safely say that the children’s tablets on the market is a maturing one at the moment, but the folks over at Ematic intend to offer parents a platform which creates a safe haven for kids to learn and play. The four tablets in the FunTab Family are the FunTab Pro, FunTab, FunTab XL and FunTab Mini, where all of them will run on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and will also feature games and other “specials” to keep your child busy for hours. Sounds like the ideal tool to have behind the car when you are off on a long road trip, no?

Some of the new features included on the tablets are Interactive Story Books and Art Studio, while the little photocopies of yourself can also use the Video Mail function in order to send video messages to grandparents and other relatives. Some of the more popular games of the day include Angry Birds, Where’s My Water?, and Cut the Rope among others, and it comes with a rubberized grip that is ideal for active children on the go.

The FunTab XL, FunTab Mini, FunTab and FunTab Pro will retail for $149.99, $59.99, $119.99 and $149.99, respectively.

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