Kingston HyperX Predator USB flash drive does the 1TB dance

You know that SSDs are going to get a run for their money when the USB flash drive capacity has upped the ante by more than a mile. Case in point, CES 2013 saw the introduction of the Kingston HyperX Predator that weighs in at 1TB of storage space. Yes sir, who would have thought that USB flash drives would hit the magical 1TB mark so soon, when it was not too long ago that a 64GB USB flash drive proved to be the bomb? Kingston’s effort will come in 512GB and 1TB flavors, and of course, at that kind of generous storage space, your wallet is going to deflate significantly, too.

Kingston has been outdone by Victorinox a year ago though, where their 1TB Swiss Army USB flash drive was touted to retail for a whopping $3,000 assuming it was released to the mass market. With so much space, it makes perfect sense for the Kingston HyperX Predator to jive to USB 3.0 connectivity, and on paper, boasts read speeds of 240MB/s and write speeds of 160MB/s. Since the 512GB version of the USB flash drive is going for $1,750 a pop, it would be safe to assume that the final sticker price for the 1TB version will be nearly double.

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