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Just about every credit card holder collects some sort of rewards. Maybe it is cash back, maybe it is points or maybe your spending gives money back to a charity. Cards make life easy – so we won’t be going away from them anytime soon. And card companies will do just about anything to attract more business. Their offers continue to change to entice consumers into using their card.

Dynamics develops advanced payment platforms – not your typical CES topic. But this payment platform is oh so electronic. ePlate™ proves to take credit card rewards to another level. The technology presents two buttons on a credit card. After making a purchase the cardholder can press one of the two buttons. Each of the buttons can be assigned to a different ‘experience’ which may include points in a game to be used towards items, charity donations or whatever an organization may want to offer. Maybe a user wants to donate to a charity every time they eat out. No problem. But maybe there are also business expenses on the card. Select a different experience for those purchases. The card user assigns an experience to each button via an online management tool. And of course they can be swapped out.  Cards are issued exclusively through UMB Bank. Apply online today. Or stay tuned to see if your favorite businesses offer an ePlate version of their card. Experiences already exist too. Groups like Upper Deck (collect digital card set and receive an actual collectors set by mail) and Toys for Tot (donate toys as you make purchases) are on board already. And more are bound to come.  A toolkit exists for ePlate so programmers can develop more experiences to lure card holders. If you are looking for a more versatile way to use your purchasing power take a look at the Dynamics ePlate from UMB Bank. Give yourself options with how to use your rewards.

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