Edifier e1100 Predator speaker system

Any computer user who loves using their desktop machine to wind down after a particularly hard day at work (be it from gaming or watching movies) would definitely know of the value of a speaker system, and with so many different kinds of speaker systems around, just which one would you settle for? Well, you might want to check out the Edifier e1100 Predator speaker system for something that is slightly off the beaten path. For starters, the Edifier e1100 Predator will come with a downward firing 5-inch subwoofer and a couple of desktop satellite speakers, where each of them will have a 2-inch front firing full-range driver and 2-inch passive radiator. Needless to say, the name of this might be Predator, but it seems to be all Alien to us instead, judging by the xenomorph-inspired chassis.
Thanks to the Edifier e1100 Predator’s angled satellites, they are said to enhance sound projection, with their passive radiators throwing in dynamic range. The subwoofer works great in delivering deep, even bass that is adjustable to individual tastes. You can hook up the e1100 Predator to any audio device using the 3.5mm auxiliary input, and it does seem as though the Edifier e1100 Predator is the ideal companion for gaming rigs, in an office, or just functioning as a home entertainment system. You can pick up the Edifier e1100 Predator for $79.99 a pop.