The Compact Elliptical Trainer


So, the year’s about to draw to a close, and it is time to whip out that New Year’s resolution list that you compiled at the turn of 2011 into 2012. I am quite sure that there must be at least a single fitness goal in that list, no? Well, for those who have always wanted to find a way to exercise this year, but somehow or rather had the little gremlins in life bog you down, perhaps it is not because of the lack of will, but rather, not having the proper equipment (yeah right, this is just an excuse, but it works well to soothe that ego). How about changing things with just less than 20 days left in 2012 with the $169.95 The Compact Elliptical Trainer?

Yes, we’ve seen the Hideaway Elliptical Trainer in the past, and I don’t suppose that the Compact Elliptical Trainer would be somewhat similar in nature, albeit having gone through a rather rigid shrinking process. This full-motion elliptical trainer will be able to be stashed away easily in a closet once you are done, making it the ideal piece of fat burning equipment at a small home, or at the office, where space is limited. With a footprint that measures just 20″ x 12″, it comes with a foam-covered handle that can be adjusted up to 49.5” in height, locking into place with a tension knob for a secure handhold during your workout. Armed with non-slip pedals, you will have footing as stable as a mountain goat, especially during those forward and backward elliptical movements.

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