iPhone Powered Personal Fan

So you are the living epitome for the phrase, “There’s an app for that”, and your iPhone proves it. Well, now that you have more or less conquered what the app universe has to offer, how about picking up the whole slew of accessories that are available to the entire iPhone family? Third party accessories manufacturers have had a field day with Apple’s iPhone success, and some of those have proved to be useful (especially the different camera attachments that produce some zany photo results), while others tend to lean more on the novelty side. With the $12.99 iPhone Powered Personal Fan, you know that this self-descriptive device gets the job done, especially during those sweltering summers.
Coming in a small, lightweight, and discreet form factor, it will not only run on your iPhone, it is compatible with all iPhones – yes sir, all the way back to the original 2007 rock from Steve Jobs, and also the iPod touch family. Relying on minimal power to run, you can be the ultimate “fanboy” or “fangirl”, pun intended. The blade itself is made out of flexible material, and is lightweight in construction, while its extremely quiet motor ought to keep you cool and comfortable without making a racket. Bear in mind that since this works with the 30-pin connector, it will not play nice with your iPhone 5.