See Your Toast

Sincere apologies to Coolest Gadgets readers. This toaster has been out for awhile and we failed to show you how cool it is! I love toast. I hate burnt toast. It seems like the toaster does fine one day and changes the next. Or someone adjusts the settings and I don’t notice. Before you know it you have the smoke detector beeping, charred bread and you are late for work.
For those (freaks like me!) who like to be in total control of the toasting experience just get a Vision Toaster by Magimix. Seriously, how easy is this? You can watch your toast not burn! Like most toasters you still have space and heating for 4 slices and preprogrammed modes for bagels, toast, reheat and defrost. Yep, slots are extra-wide for thicker stuff. Choose from red, white or black. And this toaster is rated for 30,000 uses – that is 82 years if you use it daily. Sure there may have been concept pieces like it in the past. But this is readily available at Williams Sonoma in the US for $199.95, or at for £159.95. So ease the pain of burnt toast. Get toast the way you want to see it…literally.