Minecraft Light-Up Torch

You know, there is something interesting about bringing something from the video game world into the real, physical world that we live in. For starters, it certainly fires up the imagination further, as you no longer have to make do with a DIY substitute (or a stick for a lightsaber, for instance), and the other would be the fact that is shows the world just where your loyalties lie when it comes to science fiction and video game franchises. Having said that, here we are with the $34.99 Minecraft Light-Up Torch that comes in all its pixelated glory, being full well capable of producing level 14 light, and is far easier to obtain one with cash compared to crafting one out.
The Minecraft Light-Up Torch can be mounted to your wall for that added touch of authenticity, and as a night light, it will still be able to scare monsters away, making sure they remain under the bed and do not, in any way, terrorize your little ones at night. It is powered by a trio of AAA batteries, so we would highly recommend rechargeables if you are going to use this for the long run.