Stream Instagram Pics For All to See

Instagram has revolutionized how we see and exchange photos. I’ll bet we never thought that sending photos of the kids to relatives far away could be so easy. And with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr integration pics can be shared beyond our inner circle. But what about those people that may not be so web savvy? Or what if you want them from more than your tablet or phone?
Silicon Valley-based D2M, Design to Matter, saw this need and took to finding a solution. The Instacube enables you to actively stream your Instagram feed. Seems simple, but the uses are numerous. Simply connect the 7.5” square device to wi-fi and log in to your Instagram account via the touchscreen on the cube. Photos will instantly start streaming from your feed. A toggle button on top enables you to switch feeds. Instacube contains a rechargeable lithium battery so you can truly take it with you too.
Think of the applications. Keep one at home or the office and have a constant stream of updated photos. Send one to grandma and get her tuned in to your feed. Or have one at the party and let guests push party photos. Or how about letting customers post their photos of your product in use? No better way to sell a prospective customer than with real-time positive feedback.
After raising funds on Kickstarter (248% of goal) D2M has gone into development and manufacturing. Backers should see their shipments as early as Q1. Official launch is anticipated to in Q3 2012. Based on their Kickstarter page I imagine retail will run about $149.  Instagram fans, keep an eye on D2M and see your feed in a whole new way.