Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway

While many of us might dream about owning a Porsche in our garage (and not the scaled down replica, but the real deal), not all of us will eventually be able to afford one of these puppies. Still, it is rather crazy to hear of a toy that could purchase you a real life Porsche with some cash left over to boot. I am referring to this $125,000 Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway, which is a full-sized Porsche 917 replica. You will not find any horsepower underneath the hood, but it actually conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track that is faithful to the iconic Le Mans raceway. Not only that, it has been lovingly painted in the same color scheme and #20 race number, paying homage to the classic 1971 movie that starred Steve McQueen.
This Porsche 917 replica even comes with genuine race-worn GT prototype tires on aluminum three-piece rims, coupled with working headlights and taillights. Its precisely molded replica cowling will open up in a clamshell manner at the touch of a button, revealing the track within. No quarter was spared to introduce it to the world in handcrafted detail, and the raceway has even been built with realistic landscaping, sporting period signage that has been illuminated by working streetlights.

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