Snooze: A Minimal Alarm Clock


Phones have become the defacto alarm clocks on many nightstands. If you use an iPhone do you ever wake up in the night and fumble around to touch the button and make the screen come on, only to find out it is not time to get up? And then you struggle to fall asleep. Or maybe you try to hit the itty bitty snooze button on the screen. Sure would have been nice to wake up and immediately see the phone/clock.

Distilunion came up with a perfect nighttime home for your iPhone (4, 4S, 5) with their Snooze product. This maple constructed unit holds your iPhone in landscape mode. Download the free Snooze Alarm App prior to your first use then slide your phone in and it will turn into a full functioning alarm clock. Wake up in the middle of the night and easily check the time. And if you need a few more zzzzz’s in the morning, just whack the rubberized top of the Snooze which serves as a snooze bar. Use your own charger if you want. Or add on their Weave charger – pre-laced into the Snooze. The non-stick bottom means it will grip the nightstand and not scratch. The Snooze has removable inserts so you can leave your phone in its case.

Snooze recently reached their funding goal on Kickstarter in July. So units are being produced. When available the Snooze will run $39.99 or $49.99 with the Weave charger. Ship date still has yet to be announced, but if interested sign up on Distilunion’s website.

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