Bluetooth Streaming Wherever, Whenever

Walk down the street in any city. How many people have earbuds in? The percentage increases at a frightening rate. The trend is here to stay, that is for sure. So the next quest becomes how to make our mobile audio experience better. We certainly don’t want to risk dropping the phone or device while fumbling around to advance songs. So the device stays securely in our pocket while we sift through layers of clothing to access it. Not convenient at all.

BlueAnt can help with the dilemma of getting audio from your stowed device to your ears. The Ribbon stereo Bluetooth streamer easily attaches to a shirt, pocket or bag. Sync with your phone or audio device and plug your headphones in to the 3.5mm jack and you are in business. Easily advance or back up with controls on the Ribbon. So the hassle of digging through your belongings to switch songs is over.  Also, for those that don’t have Bluetooth in your car you can now! Attach the Ribbon to your auxiliary jack in your car and stream from your phone. is out of stock at the moment, but BlueAnt’s website sells the Ribbon for just $69. Go ahead, enable Bluetooth streaming of tunes wherever the need arises.