Mouse and Presenter in Your Palm

Have you used a presenter tool before? You know, you stand up in front of the group to pitch your proposal or give your explanation. PowerPoint is queued up and someone hands you that remote looking thing. Your finger grazes the top and BAM! You are suddenly at the last page of your presentation. Then you have to walk to the computer, exit out of presenter mode, start it again. Sort of gets you out of the mood to give your pitch.
Logitech has a perfect portable solution to combine the needs of mousing with presenting. The Logitech Cube, $69.99 at, combines style with functionality. Designed as a travel mouse, it is easy to throw in the computer bag. Built into the button free mouse are left and right clicks plus scroll capability. No more ‘click click click’ of the wheel. Scrolling becomes more like smartphone swiping. Flip the device over to advance slides in presenter mode. The Cube has a power switch built in and uses Logitech’s Unifying® receiver meaning it is small in the USB port and can be synced with other compatible devices. Heads up that there is no laser pointer on the unit though. So it may not be exactly what you need for presenting. But from a portability perspective and with Logitech’s reputation in accessories rest assured you will get a product that performs.