Christmas Countdown… Star Wars Style


Parents: are you ready for the holidays? More importantly, are you ready for the “how many days ‘til Christmas” questions (assuming they haven’t started yet)? Do you suppose Luke Skywalker asked his aunt the same question? Or did little Anakin use the Force to pop that Advent calendar open sooner? Inevitably the questions and anticipation come. Rather than crossing days off the calendar or investing in a simplistic Advent calendar, maybe time has come to count down the days with some of our favorite galactic characters.

Welcome to the 2012 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, $39.00 at Each day of December will keep the little ones – or any Star Wars fan – in suspense. Contained in each day is a special LEGO gift. Included are minifigures, mini vehicles and accessories to help your minifigures fight the good fight. And yes, there are some holiday themes to some of them. These 24 pieces make a great addition to any LEGO collection or Star Wars collection…or both! And they will do their best to keep the little ones’ minds off the gifts waiting them under the tree. Hop on to Amazon and get yours before December arrives and count the days Star Wars style. May the Force be with you this holiday season.

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