Boombox Metal Wristwatch

Now here is a “boomtastic” timepiece to wear around your wrist, where it merges the old school with the new. The $89.99 Boombox Metal Wristwatch comes with an LCD digital time display, allowing you to read the time at but a glance. Sure, it is not going to consume a whole lot of D batteries unlike boomboxes of old, and it will be unable to play back your favorite MP3s (although we do wish that there was an edition that could, but then again, it would mean a pretty big wristwatch to accommodate the larger battery), but at the very least it conveys a sense of style to those who come across your path.
Features of the Boombox Metal Wristwatch include a locking clasp, side push buttons, and a display that will shut itself off automatically after just three seconds in order to conserve battery life in the long run. I do not think that this is suitable for action at a corporate boardroom meeting, but it might be the ideal Christmas gift for your teen who is into all things retro. Surely he will be the envy of his friends, don’t you think so?