Pure ROK might help address global drinking water crisis


We might take clean drinking water for granted in the country that we live in, but to put things into perspective the next time you complain that there’s nothing to eat in your fridge, and the only drink you have is water, bear in mind that over 1 billion folks lack regular access to safe drinking water, and this figure is not shrinking. On the contrary, it is growing all the more. Apart from that, around 6,000 children die each day no thanks to disease associated with lack of access to safe drinking water. The news does not get any rosier though, as it is estimated that by the time 2025 rolls around, over 5 billion people will not have access to regular and sufficient supplies of safe drinking water. There is a bright ray of hope, however, as we take a closer look at the Pure ROK.

The Pure ROK will incorporate state-of-the-art design alongside low-cost manufacturing techniques, where the Pure ROK units do not carry any moving parts at all, and not only that, there are no pumps nor filters as well. It does not need any lithium ion battery source, but rather, it relies on the sun itself in order to convert fouled water. Even better news is this – seawater too, is not exempt from the Pure ROK’s transforming capability, turning it into clean, pure drinking water via an innovative and highly effective evaporation, condensation and collection process.

A snap to operate and not only that, the Pure ROK is easy to maintain, individual Pure ROK units are capable of churning out an average of between 6 to 10 gallons of pure water per 24 hour period under normal to high sunlight conditions. Of course, when winter comes, the amount of sunlight available in a day drops, so you can expect less amount of water than that. 6 to 10 gallons should be more than enough to equip a family of 8 with adequate amounts of safe and pure drinking water.

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Neagle Says: November 6, 2012 at 10:30 am


I wonder if this could be adapted to existing infrastructure in a large scale as a reserve for a municipality like LA?

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