Executive Motherboard Desk Clock

What do you do when you have some old circuitry lying around that you do not want to throw away, and yet figured out that there should be a new lease of life for it? Well, I guess those with a more creative slant can always come up with something different, using their hands to fashion a cool new product from what was previously unwanted. The folks over at Thinkgeek must have stumbled upon someone (or an organization, who knows?) who is capable of such, resulting in the $49.99 Executive Motherboard Desk Clock.
I guess you can call this the “mother of all clocks”, where it is made out from real-life recycled circuit boards. Definitely the thing to have if you want your desk to be a whole lot cooler compared to everybody else’s. Heck, you don’t even need to be of the executive level if you are going to purchase this and count down the hours before it is time to go home and relax. You know what? There actually should be a new timepiece for office drones which, when the clock strikes 5 (or whatever time it is to be off), it will shout, “Beer O’Clock!”. The Executive Motherboard Desk Clock is powered by a single LR44 watch battery which thankfully, is included right out of the box to get you started.