Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet


What happens when your little one pesters you for a pet? You know the long and winding road that you and the missus are about to head down. For starters, the puppy or kitten will be given all sorts of love at the beginning, but after a while, your kid will begin to pay more attention to the Nintendo Wii U or Xbox 360, neglecting to feed that now grown up dog or cat, in addition to taking it out for walks or bathing it. How about teaching responsibility on the digital front with the $29.99 Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet instead?

The Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet might bring back memories of Tamagotchies for some, except that these are far more intelligent and interactive. After all, they are able to relate stories to you, and even share some jokes around. Heck, if your kid is bored, the Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet will also be able to play games. The thing is, if you happen to “loan” your handset to your kid for them to spend time with the Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet, you might not get your phone back, ever, due to the advertised addictive nature of it. Each purchase of the Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet comes with free monthly updates that are delivered automatically via Wi-Fi, where it will play nice with the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 5 devices.

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