Cordless Percussion & Shiatsu Duo Massager

Ahh, so you have had a particularly hard day at the office, and hoped that when you arrived home, there would be peace and quiet in your abode with a piping hot meal waiting on the table for you, only to discover that the missus sent you a text halfway that she will be home late tonight because of work, and that you will have to forage for your own meal. When you turn the key to your door open, a waft of offensive poop smell hits your nose squarely, with your labrador nowhere in sight (probably hiding from you). After you cleaned up its mess and plopped a TV dinner into the microwave, you plop into your La-Z-Boy chair, wishing that you had the $249.99 Cordless Percussion & Shiatsu Duo Massager with you.
The Cordless Percussion & Shiatsu Duo Massager is unique in a sense where it offers two types of massage in one, without the need to hunt for a power outlet as it has its very own power supply. There are two interchangeable massage nodes, where you can switch between Shiatsu and percussion massage techniques with a trio of massage programs to choose from – Pulse, Soothe and Energize. Of course, you can always use it plugged into an outlet if you do not want your massage session to be interrupted by running low on batteries. Neat, and since you can use it yourself, there is no reason for singles to avoid getting one of these puppies.