The Quadski – by Land and By Sea

I’ve always been a fan of James Bond, and all his outrageous gadgets. It’s amazing to me how some of these fictional gizmos have actually become a reality in our lifetime. One of my stand out favorites was Mr. Bond’s white 1976 Lotus Esprit amphibious car, I really wanted one of those, and you really can own an amphibious vehicle these days. How cool is that?
Check out Gibb’s Quadski, allowing you to conquer both land and water, with the push of a button. You will feel more than Bond-like as your all terrain wheels retract and you are cruising the waterways at speeds of up to 45 miles an hour. Ready to hit the trails again? Another button press deploys your wheels and you are dripping water and throwing up dust!
The Quadski has a 4 cylinder, 1300cc, double over head cam, 16 valve BMW motor. The vehicle also boasts advanced suspension, giving riders smooth rides over water and rough terrain, and Gibb’s specialized water jet propulsion also provides amazing maneuverability  at both low speeds and reverse and can also provide all the power you need  to cruise at planing speeds. Wa-hoo!
Weighing in at around 1,200 pounds, the Quadski is pretty darn heavy when compared to your average quad. It’s 10.5 feet long, 5.2 feet wide, and 4.6 inches high, with a 5.9 foot wheelbase. Obviously the Quadski is no toy, it is definitely a rough and tumble jet powered personal watercraft atop a killer ATV.
The Quadski has been announced this month and there has yet to be a definitive price listed, but my research tells me that we’re probably looking at somewhere in the $40,000 range. Perhaps expensive for an ATV, but thats not really what this is… is it?  Didn’t think so.