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I am a big fan of concepts and projects. Which is why I am happy to report on a device that blew away its Kickstarter goal (raised $212,265 on a goal of $9,800 including sale of 10,000 units). What a better indicator of a product with a big future. Just when you thought you could not bear another way to charge a smartphone let me introduce the Bobine line of products from Jon Fawcett and [Fuse]Chicken – perhaps the coolest company name in awhile. Fawcett’s design company has created a number of products from vacuums to toys. But now they raised the capital to get into the production business.

Une Bobine evolved out of the desire to get a better angle on your phone, whether charging or not. Constantly craning your neck to read off your phone as it rests on the desk while syncing is a huge pain.  Or how about trying to read a recipe from the phone while working in the kitchen? No fun. We deserve a better viewing angle while charging, syncing or neither! Une Bobine is a stand where you can perch then charge or sync your iPhone or Micro USB charged phone. What makes the Bobine line unique is the flexibility and strength of the 24” gooseneck metal casing.  Just like a desklamp, you can manipulate the stand into just about any angle or level you choose, all while staying connected if needed. Wrap it at the bottom to make a stand or plug it into your laptop and hoist it to your eye level. And for those far flung or hard to reach USB ports a simple USB extension can give more length off the bottom of the unit.  Une Bobine is now available for $30 on the [Fuse]Chicken website. And if 24” is too much then check out the 12” Petite Bobine – also for iPhone or Micro USB phones – at $28.  With so many functions and purposes it seems like we should all have Bobine’s in our lives. And based on their initial project funding, perhaps we will soon!

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