Top Brewer- Makes your iPhone a Barista!

You have to admit the iPhone sure has brought a lot to the party. There really is no end to what it is capable of, we have already told you about checking your glucose levels with it, monitoring the performance of your car, stalking your neighbors or simply finding the nearest gas station, and now, your iPhone can make you coffee, and not just any coffee either.
Check out the Top Brewer from Scanomat, this gorgeous, patented stainless steel coffee maker can be built directly into almost any countertop and brews a magical cup of coffee, exactly the way you want it… every time. Simply bring up the associated app on your iPhone or iPad and select your preferred drink, strength and style, then let the high quality grinders, and the smallest milk foamer in the world, kick in to present you with your perfect cup of java… from beans to brew, in almost no time at all.
Clean up? No worries as the the Scanomatic clean system of the Top Brewer actually cleans all the hoses with fresh water after each and every cup, and the Top Brewer doesnt stop there either, depending on the options, it can also provide chilled drinking water, cold milk, juice and hot water for tea, hot chocolate or instant soups. The Top Brewer is one good looking, and equally handy, kitchen gadget.
The Top Brewer can be controlled by means of its touch panel if an iDevice is not available, but what fun would that be, when the app access lets you immediately connect to your machine and select from all the available drinks, or allows you to select a favorite pre-progammed cup and dispenses it within seconds, just the way you wanted it! The Top Brewer is currently undergoing certification to be sold in the USA, sign up at to be the first to know exactly when you can get one. No word yet on price, but I’m guessing you might want to start saving up.