Solar Power Generator


We live in an era that is desperate to be green, after seeing how the industrialization that happens all over the world has started to make segments of the earth uninhabitable. After all, what was once lush and verdant forest areas have turned into parched deserts, and the thirst for oil among the nations have not subsided, but only increased. Well, you might want to live out the green life as much as possible, and the $2,000 Solar Power Generator could very well help you out.

This Solar Power Generator, as its name suggests, is powered by the sun and is capable of delivering emergency electricity for any home appliance. Since it is green and clean, it will not emit any kind of noise unlike gas or propane generators, and your nose need not be greeted by noxious fumes. Being silent and delivering zero-emission back up power without having to rely on volatile fuels is always a good thing, and when it holds a full charge, the 1250-watt battery is said to be able to power a refrigerator for up to four days, a television for 35 hours, or a laptop for up to 30 hours.

It takes up to 20 hours of direct sunlight for the Solar Power Generator to be fully juiced up. There is an integrated LCD panel that displays the wattage coming into and going out of the generator, as well as the remaining level of juice within.

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