– Better than Being “Friends”?

Sometimes I wonder what the heck is happening to our teens these days and it doesn’t take me long to recognize that as amazing as our technology is, and even with the many benefits it provides, there is no doubt that our electronic lifestyles have offered up a whole new way for our kids to find trouble for themselves. Kids today are met with perils one could not have imagined when I was a kid. What’s a parent to do? and should they do it?
As I post this I am at odds with myself, the technology is there for us to examine every aspect of our children’s lives… check out a Boston based company launching it’s online safety assurance program that among other things, will allow you to infiltrate your kids Facebook pages and see who’s tagging them, who they interact with the most and using special algorithms, determine which of their friends are the most influential. Information the developers say, you simply cant get just from being “friends” with your teen.
All this is supposed to protect your child from online predators, cyber bullying and to guard your youngsters online reputation. The platform is meant to bring your kid’s digital profile into view, allowing you to see not only what the child is putting “out there” for the world to see, but the pictures and activities of all their friends as well.
As another mother on a mission to keep my daughter safe, I can easily imagine wanting to employ every available option to try and maintain complete control over anything that could potentially harm my child. I get it, but at what point have we gone too far, are we setting aside good parenting for electronic surveillance? I’m sure any parent who’s child was harmed by inappropriate online activity would say no, but what about the rest of us? is a subscription-based service available for only 9 bucks a month. How do you guys weigh in on the option?

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