Get the Groceries Right!

Some of the most successful products evolve strictly out of making our lives easier. We could survive without it, but in our continuing efforts to save time or hassle the product takes off. Think about it. Who thought bagged lettuce would ever succeed? Or the universal remote control? Well, there’s another product on the horizon that may just will do the same thing.
Currently on Kickstarter is hiku, a grocery list creation and reminder tool. What makes it so different? It involves a separate device – meaning smart phones need not be present to submit an item to the list – and it uses the cloud. hiku is smaller than a computer mouse and can live on the counter or the fridge. Simply designed, it enables users to make notes to themselves about groceries they need in two ways: by scanning the UPC code or making a voice memo. Simple right? Not so fast. hiku then sends your reminders, via the cloud, to your hiku account. You can then access the information via hiku app or any web browser. That means any member of the house can submit requests and know that the shopper will get the message. hiku will be open, for integration with other list programs like Remember the Milk, Astrid Tasks and Evernote. Funding is in progress, and you can support hiku for as little as $2. Assuming funds are raised, launch is anticipated in early 2013.
So if simplify grocery shopping and end the days of running out of your favorite stuff by helping hiku become a reality!

Thanks: FastCoDesign