Your House in LEGO®

Here I go again. I love LEGO. One of my favorite videos is James May’s Toy Stories and the construction of an actual LEGO house. Can you imagine living in such an abode? Movoto Real Estate offers a variety of tips and ideas on home buying on Movoto Blog. Trying to bring some humor into our days, they posted a LEGO calculator. Yes! You can determine – based on square footage and floors – how many LEGO bricks and dollars would be required to build a house. To give you an idea, 2000 square feet over 2 floors would run you about $1 million. Certainly not what your friends would expect when you invite them to your million dollar home. Their estimates strictly covers the walls and roof. So bump the price up if you want to fully furnish your unit. Read more on their methodology and logic on the blog, and see what your home, built in LEGO, would cost.