Genius Traveler 9010LS Wireless Laser Mouse


The computer mouse can be said to be one of the more essential peripherals that you should “arm” yourself with, although Mac users might beg to differ. I personally know a few MacBook and MacBook Pro owners who are so used to using their respective notebooks without the mouse, claiming that a mouse will slow them down instead, that it wavered my faith in the Windows environment, albeit for a moment. Still, I am an avid Windows notebook user, and I do say life without a mouse is incomplete, as though there is no coffee during breakfast. Well, Genius has come up with what they call the Genius Traveler 9010LS Wireless Laser Mouse, where it was specially designed in a way where right-handed folks as well as southpaws will be able to use it without feeling awkward (especially for the latter).

This is a four-button mouse that is said to be able to work on just about any surface, including glass and marble. The useful Stick-N-Go mounting paves the way for trouble-free handling when moving from place to place, and it will “communicate” with its USB Pico receiver using 2.4GHz technology. The sensitivity is adjustable too, ranging from 800 to 1200 and 1600 dpi, depending on the situation at hand. Even more interesting is the fact that it works well with either AA or AAA battery, now how about that?

Just how much is Genius asking for the Genius Traveler 9010LS wireless laser mouse? Not much really, although gamers might want to steer clear of it considering how this is more suitable for an office and home environment, rather than to furiously click your way through all 100 Paragon levels in Diablo 3. Out in North America now for $39.99 a pop, each purchase will come with the mouse itself, its USB Pico receiver, a Stick-N-Go mount, and an AA alkaline battery to get you started right out of the box.

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