Voltage Cycles Sport electric bike announced


Voltage Cycles Sport is the company’s (Voltage Cycles) first production electric bike ever to roll out, and I must say, it does look rather ordinary at first glance. That is not a bad thing though, so do not take my statement in the wrong way. For starters, the Sport will boast of classic American styling and engineering that will definitely appeal to the masses, especially the more patriotic ones. The design itself is not only nice to look at, but must be functional and practical enough to meet the demands of everyday transportation. Let us see what else the Voltage Cycles Sport has to offer in the extended post, shall we?

Marty Schlesinger, President of Voltage Cycles, said, “The Voltage Cycles Sport is for anyone who wants to integrate a healthy, environmentally friendly, and economical form of transportation into their lifestyle. Voltage Cycles represents the new road ahead for personal transportation, and we are looking to earn our place in the family garage.”

Integrated into the vintage Sport design would lie a modern electrical propulsion system which is capable of pushing the Sport to the leading edge of technological advancement, and Voltage Cycles hope that this will be able to deliver a “Wow!” factor that cannot be found elsewhere. The Sport in particular is said to be engineered to be tough, reliable, and easily serviced, sporting (pun not intended) a sleek steel frame that is manufactured to handle the added weight and stress put on it by the electrical propulsion system, while making use of industry standard bicycle components.

Components that are subject to normal wear include the tires and brake pads, and these will be readily available and easy to replace so you need not worry about running out spare parts or anything of the sort. As for its propulsion system, it will make use of the latest battery technology so that you can experience the power and range required to get you where you need to go without busting a huge hole in your wallet.

Expect the Sport to be fully juice in 4 hours using a standard 110V household outlet, where a fully charged bike can offer a range between 30 to 40 miles of powered riding. So, any takers?

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