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Unfortunately our world is not a place we feel secure at all times.  Sad but true, people are attacked – for various reasons – on a daily basis. The best answer to conquer the crazies? Preparedness, particularly if you are a female. We seem to have it always ingrained in our heads to be on alert, be prepared, learn techniques and carry deterrents. MyForce is a smartphone (iPhone®, Android or Blackberry) activated service that can add to that preparedness for you or anyone in your life.

MyForce, mobile personal security system, goes with you everywhere. By subscribing to the service and downloading the app you arm yourself with an instant alert to the MyForce Monitoring Team who can quickly signal local authorities if an unsafe situation arisres. Say you are about to walk through an empty parking garage at night and you do not feel safe. Launch the app on your phone. If a situation should arise, trigger the MyForce alert button and you are connected to the monitoring team. They team will try to validate with you, vocally, and understand the situation. If a situation exists where you can’t speak to them simply let them hear what is going on. If unable to talk to you they will phone you back. If you don’t give them the correct safe word they know something is awry and alert local authorities. And if you have slippery fingers not to worry, you can easily cancel an alert too.

The possible uses for you or your loved ones are really endless: young ones walking from school, college students on campus at night, late night workers or even the elderly.  MyForce is available for $11.99/month. Or save with a$119.99 annual subscription. Additional annual subscriptions are then just $69.99. At present MyForce is available in the 50 US states. In the grand scheme of personal safety, MyForce seems like a small investment for you and the ones you love.

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