Does the iPhone 5 Make your Old Accessories Obsolete?

I’m on the fence as to how I feel about the new iPhone. I can say that I only recently broke down and got the 4S… only weeks before the 5, which always happens to me. When I start to feel really aggravated I think about all those iGizmo makers, all their stuff just got obsolete as well. The iPhone 5 has a brandy-new plug… it won’t work with things like my old speakers, so now what?
How can I use all my old accessories with this new eight-prong “Lightning” connector. It’s so much smaller than the classic 30-pin connector that graces my iPod, iPad and iPhone. Never fear, of course Apple has you covered, for a price. Check out the Lightening-to-30 pin adaptor already available for pre-order at the Apple Store.
So the new connector will let you get more mileage out of your old accessories although video and iPod out will not be available. So the question is this, is the lure of the new iPhone enough to make you want to shell out an additional 29 bucks to be able to still use your old accessories? or will you step up and buy new ones?
The Lightening-to-30 pin Adaptor is currently available only for pre-order, with shipping expected sometime in October. Sign up for yours at and let me know what’s hot (or not) about the new lineup of Apple iGadgets.

5 thoughts on “Does the iPhone 5 Make your Old Accessories Obsolete?”

  1. With all due respect, I find it hard to believe that you actually got an iPhone 4S weeks before the 5 launch as the features of iPhone 5 was already out in the open weeks before the due date. Also if you waited this long to get an iPhone 4S, then no need to worry about iPhone 5 as it would be at least 2 years before which you think of the next gen phone. So I guess you can be happily using all the existing gadgets to your hearts content.
    On a different note, there is absolutely nothing in iPhone 5 which makes anyone apart from 5 year olds attracted to the toy. There are phones with a much better spec and integrating facebook to iOS6 would be the final nail in the coffin. People are getting out of the FB hype and is starting to worry more about their privacy, so it would be interesting to see how many people actually fancy the talking toy (Siri). My recommendation: wait for iPhone 6 :o)

    • Hi Sam! It’s true! I admit I stretched just a little, but I honestly got the phone this Summer… everyone told me to wait for the new one, but I wasnt sure I saw anything in the iPhone 5 features that made it worth waiting for! I enjoy the phone… but I’m certainly not a die hard Apple fan. What phone are you using?

  2. When it comes to technology, I am someone who like to define what I need rather than multi nationals deciding what phone I need and how I should be using it. As of now I got a HTC Chacha, a not too heard about phone. It’s like a blackberry running android OS benefiting from a touch screen and a keypad. It does come with a low phone memory (150 MB) but if you know your way around the SDKs its a matter of time before you are able to make use of the 32GB memory card support. Ohh I also got an iPhone 4 but it usually acts as a way to stream internet radio over to my car stereo than as a useful accessory. 🙂

  3. I never used iPhone series as this looks annoying to me. I am the great fan of android and I always be. Samsung S3 is better than the iPhone5 then why I should switch to Apple!!

  4. i love apple accessories…i just cant get enough from them…apple keeps comming up with great devices and accessories

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