The Impossible Instant Lab – for High Tech Retro Photos

Is there anyone out there (thats old enough) that didn’t own a Polaroid camera? I remember when one of those little fold up leatherette SX-70 cameras was about as high tech as you could get. Listening to the little motor grind as the picture fed out of the hopper, warming the picture against your chest or waving it in mid-air in the hopes of hastening the developing process. The camera is a dinosaur, and its demise marked the end of an era.
Or did it? Who knew there was a whole bunch of us out there that still loved the instant photo? Well, The Impossible Instant Lab will make you smile, while it bridges the gap between digital and concrete, by taking the photos stored away on your iPhone and turning them into actual Polaroid-esque prints, to have, and to hold, or simply to give away.
The folks over at Impossible (located in Germany) were so passionate about the old Polaroids they actually bought the factory (to ensure film stockpiles) and set out to develop a device that would get your stored photos out of digital storage, and into the real world with all the style and wonder of those beloved foldable cameras.
The Impossible Instant Lab is another really cool Kickstarter project that raised a lot more than its original 250 thousand dollar goal, all with time to spare. So if you’re itching for a picture you can watch develop before your eyes complete with the iconic white border then  keep your eye out for The Impossible Instant Lab , available for pre-order at a discounted price of around 229 bucks. Shipping is expected in February of 2013. Please visit for video and more information. Say cheese!