Powertools PLAYMAT 4-in-1 Workshop


I am quite glad that the local Ikea which is just a 10 minute drive away from my home is housed in a shopping mall that also holds a huge hardware store. In this way, the missus can spend her time figuring out just which curtain patterns blend in with the living room, while I can check out what other power tools I want but do not need are on sale. If you want your little one to explore the world of power tools safely, then there is no better way to do so than with the $79.99 Powertools PLAYMAT 4-in-1 Workshop, which essentially is a power tool set designed for kids.

This is not some makeshift, imaginary plastic set, but rather, the real tools that are full well capable of sawing, drilling, sanding and even perform wood turning. The machine will be able to change from one function to the other in just a matter of seconds, so that your little one is able to saw, drill, sand, and sculpt wood to their heart’s content. As for safety issues, fret not – the Playmat was specially designed to prevent tiny fingers from being injured. Best to get your own pair of safety goggles to go along with this.

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