Talking Teaching Solar System Scale

There is nothing quite like learning from an interactive device, which is why we figured out that this $49.95 Talking Teaching Solar System Scale is worth every penny if you want to start teaching your little ones on all the planets in our solar system. I do wonder whether Pluto has been given the boot this time around, but we do know that with the Talking Teaching Solar System Scale, you and your family are privy to 40 fun facts concerning our solar system, where it will calculates each stander’s weight on each planet.
The voice you hear is that of renowned astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, where the mat’s speaker reproduces a series of facts each time someone steps onto a planet, making sure concepts of gravity, weight, and mass are introduced along the way. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, it might get rather boring after a while – especially when those sponge-like minds around the home has absorbed all the facts spewed out many times over.