BMW and Thermaltake come up with Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

So you think you have got quite a mean looking gaming mouse for your setup, do you? What if I told you that another mouse in question is one that what been concocted by the very same people who brought you the Bimmer (or Beemer, depending on which side of the fence you are on). Yes sir, a branch from the automotive giant, BMW Group DesignworksUSA has teamed up with Thermaltake to introduce the Level 10 M gaming mouse. As you can tell by the image above, it definitely is a looker from all angles, but the thing is this – how does it hold up against the rest of the highly competitive gaming hardware crowd? Let us take a closer look after the jump, shall we?
The unique thing about the Level 10 M gaming mouse is the fact that it resembles an extremely small racecar, boasting every designer’s mantra where form ultimately follows function. The outer chassis itself comprises of a two-part construction, where the upper half does seem to float above the base as though by magic, but make no mistake about it – it is technology that holds the entire thing together.
Constructed using an alloy that is also used in aeronautics and architecture, Level 10 M is lightweight and ultimately, remains immune to corrosive effects. The top segment can even be individually adjusted for height and lateral inclination, where the mouse itself will also come with a bunch of keys, now how about that, so that you are able better to “deliver the goods” so to speak in a highly competitive environment.
What’s great hardware without equally stunning software? Nothing, right? Which is why the software that comes with this puppy is also able to read out DPi-rates for gaming visuals. The holes drilled in the upper shell serves are not there just for aesthetic purposes, but rather, to help ventilate your palms during an intense gaming session, to make sure that you maintain a perfect grip at all times. As a bonus, the mouse can be illuminated in 7 different colors for that added touch of class.
The Level 10 M comes with on-the-fly adjustable DPI from 800, 1600, 3200 to 5000 (default setting), and customizable by software application up to 8200 DPI. It will retail for $99 a pop.
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  1. Interesting looking mouse.. And I thought Mad Catz has got the weird mice shape niche fully cornered. Despite that, it doesn’t seem to be getting many favorable reviews on Amazon. If I’m planning on building a futuristic-looking gaming space, this would undoubtedly be my top pick though.

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