Wall Switch Watch

The next time someone asks you for the time, you might want to flip a switch. Wait a minute here, you say, what do you mean by “flip a switch”? Aren’t most, if not all, timepieces supposed to tell you the time at but a glance without the need to press a fancy button? Not so with the $99.99 Wall Switch Watch, where it will sport an old school switch that you will need to flip in order to tell the time.
There will be digital LEDs in a shade of red which light up whenever you flip said switch, so that your eyes will be able to see what figures have formed, and the chemicals in your brain successfully puts two and two together, leading you to blurt out the current time to whoever asked for it. Coming in a black silicon strap with stainless steel buckle, this is definitely far from a refined Swiss timepiece, but at least it offers something that is dramatically different from your regular watches. The LEDs will help conserve energy by turning itself off after 5 seconds of inactivity.