Angry Birds can be played sans touching your display


I would assume that even Rovio themselves did not realize what a huge hit they have on their hands when they first released Angry Birds onto the market. Just like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, there is no stopping them at all once they have gone off the starting blocks. Angry Birds has certainly grown to be a powerful franchise du jour, although there is no telling whether Angry Birds will have the same kind of staying power as that of Nintendo’s Mario and Zelda which has transcended generations past.

It is safe to say that Angry Birds has appeared on just about all mobile platforms – BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, in no particular order of importance or paying attention to the timeline of said releases. The thing is, the Angry Birds franchise has even grown from being just limited to games, touching industries like theme parks and the more-or-less guaranteed money spinner, merchandise. This time around, we are talking about Angry Birds making the leap to your Samsung Smart TV, and to make sure you need not wipe smudges off the TV’s screen each time after you play, it is controlled using nothing else other than hand gestures, now how about that?

Yes sir, with the Samsung Smart TV, you are able to send your feathery friends flinging through the air with the poise of an Olympics gymnast, and this is made possible thanks to Samsung’s unique motion control feature found on their Smart TV. Not only that, it comes with a relatively generous display and offers crystal clear images for your eyes to enjoy, as though you were in the game for real. Some even said that it is approximately “97 times more fun playing it on TV”, and I guess you cannot quite dispute that when playing on Samsung’s 55-inch ES 8000 Smart TV which is approximately 97 times larger compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2’s diplay.

To enjoy some Angry Birds goodness on your Samsung Smart TV, you will first need to select the Angry Birds app in the Smart Hub, and once the game loads up, you are good to go. Activate Motion Control works as you face your palm towards the camera, and wave it slightly from left to right. There is no need to exert your energy or be too close to your TV, but do make sure you remain no further than 4 meters from the camera, otherwise the Samsung Smart TV is unable to recognize your hand.

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R Hoods Says: August 7, 2012 at 5:24 am

The Samsung’s new comming LCD TV is Fully loaded with all the basic internet apps and many more entertaining features like games etc . You can play many games on this smart window is’t this cool eneough!!! . You can order this TV on line only on .

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