mophie Outride lets you capture those adrenaline pumping moments with your iPhone

So you are a proud owner of an iPhone, are you not? While the device is nice to look at and use, it is not exactly the most rugged smartphone out there in the market. This means bringing it along with you whenever you go skateboarding or want to perform some crazy stunts with your pair of in-line skates is not such a good idea, unless the iPhone itself has some sort of extra rugged protective case. Of course, recording your daredevil experiences would also require you to purchase a rugged camera which can be mounted onto a helmet, but why spend good money on that when an add-on like the mophie Outride costs a fraction of that money?
The mophie Outride, in a nutshell, is a hardware and app solution that places the power to record and share tricks, tracks, rides, and epic moments in the hands of action land and water sports enthusiasts, but they will need to own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S beforehand. At least you no longer need to purchase a dedicated video camera, but rather, use the mophie Outride to record your latest daredevil exploits. Fret not for the mophie Outride’s durability, as it is waterproof and impact resistant while sporting a range of custom mounts to capture action shots in the surf, snow, dirt or concrete.

Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie, said, “With the ever-growing action sports market, and our success in developing ruggedized products for those rough-and-tough tech users, we felt we were ready to design and develop a product that would take the iPhone and its camera capabilities to its limits. While the action sports community has a lot of camera and video options to choose from, they weren’t able to share their moments with the community in real time. OUTRIDE gives the action sports community these capabilities in a durable, compact, quality and cost-efficient way.”
What are some of the advantages of using the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 alongside the mophie Outride as the action sports camera of choice? It will be able to let you review your own footage or shots, share those moments and follow others in the community, all in a jiffy – as long as there is a decent Internet connection at that point in time, that is. Available from the middle of September onwards, the mophie Outride will come in different bundles that will cost you anywhere from $129.95 to $149.95.
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