Casket Furniture – You CAN Take it with You when You Go


How many options do you really have when you’re dead? I know its a bit of a strange question, but it’s one you might want to ask yourself. Are you leaning towards a black lacquer perma-seal casket with brass handles and accents? Does anyone actually choose their casket? I mean, it seems to me you’re going to be spending a lot of time in it, maybe you should have a hand in picking it out.

Don’t worry, just check out Casket Furniture, a Canadian company hell bent on offering you a more personalized experience than your average mass produced box. Imagine choosing from a unique bed, bookshelf, entertainment center, coffee table or even a pool table, that you can use and enjoy now, and then transform it into your final resting place you know… when the time comes.

Can a household furnishing get any more useful than this? This unique furniture is built to last a lifetime… Well a little more than a lifetime actually. This beautiful coffin becomes part of your life, and then you get to use it again, when youre dead. Using a Furniture Casket will likely take the burden off your loved ones, both emotionally, and financially when you simply pick out a casket that you can use and enjoy right now, saving the expense of them buying one for you, later!

Okay, I know this is a bit of a stretch, and that your family will likely have some sort of an emotional reaction when you ask them to use a drink coaster on your coffin coffee table, but who cares? It’s your funeral! Check out more delightful designs at


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