Doctor Who In Your Pocket

If you are a huge fan of the good Doctor, then you will certainly have more than just a passing interest in the toys as well as merchandise which come along with the series. Just in case you lack the necessary vocal chord skills to be able to perform all the sound effects that is shown in TV (or on DVDs, if you decided to pick up the boxed collection), there is always a way out – the $8.99 Doctor Who In Your Pocket is here to save the day. Basically, Doctor Who in Your Pocket is a keychain fob that has half a dozen buttons to be exact. Each of these buttons, just like individual cells in your body, have a special purpose – where pressing one of them will play back a phrase or sound effect from the Doctor Who TV series, with the more notable luminaries including the Daleks, Cybermen, K-9, and the sexy TARDIS herself. This is an officially licensed Doctor Who collectible, and it will be powered by a trio of LR44 batteries to get you started right out of the box. Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!]]>

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