Suntracking Shelter keeps you in the shade at all times

So King Leonidas’ army of 300 laughed about fighting in the shade should the number of arrows that the Persian King sent their way were to blot out the sun. Well, you need not be in such a harrowing experience to remain in the shade this coming summer while enjoying your time outdoors, not when you have the $399.95 Suntracking Shelter in your garden! This is a unique sun shelter that boasts of an adjustable canopy which is capable of delivering respite from the sun regardless of the time of the day. Not only that, you can do so without the need to relocate, living out the micro-lifestyle of your typical desert nomad. A couple of canopy panels will be able to slide along the shelter’s frame, where they then lock into place in order to deliver shade regardless of where the sun is. The polyester panels themselves have picked up The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation as it offers superior protection from harmful UV rays. The only thing that is missing from the Suntracking Shelter? I find the lack of the word “Automatic” right there in front disturbing, as life would then be complete if this thingamajic was automatic.]]>