Void Watch Retro Gauge Stainless

There are timepieces which are laden with jewels and such, but if you do not happen to have the kind of deep pockets that warrant such luxurious purchases, then perhaps something more down to earth is in line for the average Joe? Enter the $199.99 Void Watch Retro Gauge Stainless – while it is not exactly the cheapest timepiece available on the market, you know for sure that this is one timepiece that will turn heads whenever you slap it on your wrist. Why do I say so? For starters, speed demons will definitely fall in love with it, as it boasts of a slick interpretation of the classic speedometer. The analog display will feature Quartz Japan movement for that added touch of accuracy, and it is made out of 316 stainless steel and will be finished in brushed chrome. Showing only half of a traditional circular face, it boasts of a pair of double-ended, compass needle style hands that will tell you of the current time. Each hand will come with one red tip, while the other tip is obviously white. The colored tip will correspond to the digit with the matching color on the dial. Gentlemen, start your engines!]]>