MH-2 robot acts as your digital Jiminy Cricket

Telepresence might be the new buzzword in the days ahead, and with the MH-2 robot, you would know why I said so. After all, this unique robot will be firmly seated on your shoulder (MH stands for miniature humanoid if you need to know), and it is powered by a rather large backpack that is filled with servos. These servos will no doubt animate the robot with a rather impressive range of motions that encapsulate its head, body and arms, enabling it to strike a range of poses to mimic the person whom you are having a conversation with. Of course, the person will need to wear some sort of motion capture setup in order for their actions to be “sent” over to the robot itself. Sounds too cumbersome for everyday use? Perhaps, but with miniaturization thrown into the mix as well as the advancement of technology, you can be sure that this particular idea might even be able to take off in a big way in due time. At least you can have a virtual conversation with expressions thrown in to a certain degree with a family member or friend thousands of miles away, which is still cheaper than purchasing a flight ticket for them, no? Source]]>