Fujitsu collar monitor for your pooch

The cloud can also be described as an abstract place, where your digital consciousness has a residence there since facets of your life are stored in that virtual area which is backed by physical disks, located somewhere in the world. Fujitsu intends to bring the use of cloud technology to a new level thanks to a spanking new collar-mounted device that was specially designed to monitor your dog’s activity level. Of course, this will not rely on something as monotonous as ensuring your pooch’s Twitter stream is updated from time to time, but offers far more important information including delivering helpful health monitoring, activity level, and the external temperature, and all such information is sent to a cloud-based health service that is tipped to roll out sometime later in the year. Fujitsu claims that the device being small and lightweight, consumes very little power, allowing your pooch to wear it just about round the clock. No idea on whether it is waterproof or not though, as some dogs just love swimming more than most. I guess our four legged friend can now go to the great big cloud up there even when they are still alive, no? Source]]>