Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone


When you have a device that is so desirable like the iPhone, where everyone and their uncle clamors for one, then surely another challenge arises – to be able to tell the difference between one and the other. Imagine a family of five, where each one has an iPhone – to avoid the morning confusion often associated with groggy minds, why not make sure your iPhone is encased in something totally different? Enter the $64.99 Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone which can be told apart at a glance, turning your iPhone into a retro looking camera.

After all, the Gizmon Case has the appearance and texture of a sweet vintage camera, and since the iPhone 4/4S sports a mean shooter underneath the hood, it is not too far off from the truth either. This is not just meant to be a thing of beauty, as it is made using super tough polycarbonate, ensuring your iPhone is cradled in safe arms at all times.

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