"The One" Keyboard for the iPhone, PC and Mac

The most famous “The One” would be Neo in the Matrix trilogy, although there is a far lesser known Jet Li flick going by the same name as well (The One, not Neo or The Matrix). Well, when it comes to the world of peripherals, is there something similar to look forward to? We are talking about the $99.99 “The One” Keyboard for the iPhone, PC and Mac from ThinkGeek, where you can tell right from the outset that it was designed and engineered with pride. How so, you ask? For starters, The One is connected to a compatible device via USB, and comes with layouts for the Mac as well as PC. Apart from that, when you press a button, it will work with your iOS- or Android-powered smartphone, not to mention tablet as well. Not only that, there is also a place for you to rest your smartphone, so that it does not need to end up all over the place. A 5′ long USB cable is there to provide a comfortable length for you to work with. ]]>